How Much Turf Do I Need?
Simply measure the length and width of the area to be turfed and multiply these figures together. You can measure the area in feet, yards or metres and we will do the rest.

Can I use my new lawn immediately?
No, we recommend not walking on your new lawn until it has taken root, which is approximately 7 – 10 days. To test this, try to pull the turf away from the soil, if you cant it has rooted. It is essential that all new lawns receive plenty of water until it has become established. YOU CAN NEVER OVER WATER A NEW LAWN.

How should I look after my new lawn?
Never mow your lawn too short, this shocks the grass and reduces its vigour by starving its root system. This causes open turf and encourages the invasion of moss and weeds. Regular feeding of your lawn with fertilisers keeps your lawn looking healthy.

How much turf can I have delivered?
Our minimum delivery order is 34 Sq Metres, smaller volumes can be collected from our stockists. Alternatively with prior notice you can arrange to collect your turf from our depot.

I Want to make changes to my garden but not sure how much it will cost? Simply contact our office to arrange a visit, and we will provide advice and ideas as well as a quotation for undertaking the works.